At the moment most of the world’s population produces waste and uses energy at an alarming rate. This then leads to a number of environmental issues like pollution and climate change. Choosing to live a more sustainable lifestyle helps to tackle these issues, if we all choose to be more conscious and eco-friendly a lot of our environmental issues would be reduced. 

What does it mean to have a sustainable lifestyle? 

Living sustainably involves reducing the amount of waste you produce as well as looking at how much of the Earth’s resources you use. There are several ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle by looking at being more environmentally and socially conscious. Below we’ve listed five (5) ways you can be more sustainable at home and in your general life: 

Transportation - How do you travel around?

The aim is to drive less, walk and cycle more. Plan your journey and consider weather conditions. It may not be practical to always walk or cycle when you can’t try to take public transportation. 

Food - What do you eat?

Living a sustainable lifestyle also looks at the type of food you eat. Are you eating lots of meat, and fast food and using delivery services? The aim is not to completely stop or become vegan and cook all your meals. We’re saying consider the options, can you eat fewer beef burgers and have chicken burgers? Maybe instead of going to a chain restaurant, try to support a local sandwich shop. 

Waste - How much waste are you producing?

When looking at the waste we can think about food waste and general household waste. Ask yourself two questions, how often do I throw out leftovers and how do I get rid of my unwanted clothes? Food waste is a major cause of climate change, if you have leftovers don't throw them away. Save leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch or freeze them to have later on. However, if you have to then ensure to put them in the compost bin or create a compost garden. When looking at your clothes, consider if you have to throw them out and decide if you potentially continue to wear them. If that's not the case, discard them in a sustainable way, for example, donate your unwanted clothes to charity shops and clothes banks to reduce the amount that ends up in landfills.

Shopping - What do you buy and where do you shop?

Shopping tends to be very damaging to the planet but we can’t expect everyone to simply stop buying products so instead when shopping, try to shop from sustainable businesses and charity shops.

Read our blog on the best plastic-free shops to buy from and if you’re wondering how to be more sustainable when shopping at the grocery shop read our guide here.

When looking at your clothes, consider buying from sustainable brands like Patagonia and Toms to lessen the impact you’re having on the environment. Consider shopping from charity shops like Traid when you’re wanting to buy new clothes. For more shopping options, check out VEO - they bring the most unique independent sustainable brands all in one place.

Bills - Do you have a sustainable provider?  

An easy swap that we all can do at no extra cost is to switch your providers. Look at your mobile, internet and even your electricity provider. Switching to sustainable providers that get their energy from renewable sources provides a clear benefit to the renewable industry, by doing this we continue to pave the path for renewable energy as our main source of power.

See our list of recommended alternatives below:
Mobile - Honest Mobile
Internet - Zen Internet
Electricity - Bulb, Octopus Energy

Watch our video below for more examples and more ideas that you can do to be more sustainable at home. 

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