Betternotstop are determined to integrate the practices of carbon literacy into the organisation. 

We believe that being carbon literate is important to understanding the climate crisis and therefore we aim to take tangible action to implement the lessons taught into our business. As such, we are constantly looking for new ways to integrate new actions into our strategic decisions and stakeholder engagements. 

We have already made considerable changes to the business to create a more climate friendly workspace. 

One such change is the addition of nature to our Board of Directors. We have become the third company in the UK (4th in the World) to formally recognise nature’s voice. This concept, originally created by Faith in Nature, creates a new role within the company, specifically designed to represent nature and the wider natural world. We hope that through putting Nature on board, we can inspire other businesses and individuals to also prioritise nature and subsequently use collective action to make business a force for good.

We have successfully given all of our employee Carbon Literacy Training, to ensure everyone understands the importance of the climate crisis and our role within it. We have taken this further, running and facilitating our own carbon literacy course in order to help more people gain access to carbon literacy. 

We aim to keep taking new actions and undertaking new initiatives to continue to improve our organisation. 

Despite these actions there are still many actions that we aim to take as a company to incorporate the lessons taught during Carbon Literacy Training into the aims of the company. Some of the ambitions that are looking to achieve as a business include:

  • Integrate environmental metrics into performance reviews
  • Educate suppliers on carbon literacy
  • Request suppliers to complete Carbon Literacy Training
  • Continue ensuring ‘Nature’ has a vote during strategic decision making
  • Creation of a plan to reduce our scope 3 emissions 

Through outlining our ambitions as a company, we hope that we can focus our efforts to integrate learnings from carbon literacy into our actions as a company in the future. 

Whilst we recognise that all ambitions may not be able to be achieved as a result of financial, strategic and practical limitations, we will endeavour to successfully implement as many positive actions as possible. 

As a sustainability impact agency, betternotstop can help your company or business to become more socially and environmentally responsible. If you are interested in taking part in our Carbon Literacy Training, check out our available courses. 
For more help or more information on how to make your business more sustainable visit our website at or Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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