As all independent creators, freelancers and service providers know – whether their preferred medium is blogging, YouTubing or any of the other ways of producing content – audience building and maintaining an audience can be a job in and of itself. 

Putting the hard work in isn’t something entrepreneurs are ever afraid of, but when you put the time and effort in to build up an audience only for other people’s platforms and networks to reap the rewards, well, it’s not right. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Subkit empowers anybody to turn their service into a subscription, and grow their business. 

What Is Subkit?

Subkit allows you to own your audience from the word go, and to grow that audience organically, without a reliance on advertising networks.

They provide the tools, resources and community required to build, run and grow a business from the ground up. Allowing every day people to define their own standards for success and make real revenue, all while maintaining a healthy work / life balance. 

How? By turning your service into a subscription, helping you to reliably generate recurring revenue from your subscribers. 

Who Is Subkit For?

Subkit is for anyone who has ever wanted to make their own way but hasn’t been sure how to take the first step, who has an established business, but wants to find a new direction, or who’s just getting started, and wants to take it to the next level. You have what it takes, and Subkit has the tools and support to help you get there.

Subkit is for people in business sectors including Art, Beauty, Design, Digital, Education, Events, Food, Health, Home, Lifestyle, Music, Nutrition, Parenthood, Fitness, Tech, Wellness and much, much more are all able to benefit from the tools available through Subkit.

What Tools Are Available Through Subkit?

A wide range of intuitive tools are available through Subkit that are able to help you build and grow your business. 

From email marketing and subscription plan building, through to an on-site blog, profile and integrated calendar (with booking functionality!) as well as on-site payments and session-building that allows you to create one-off events your audience is able to book.

On the horizon there will also be a whole host of further developments that will be available to the Subkit community; virtual events, VOD storage, virtual classes, podcasting, and more. 

Why Subscriptions?

In order to create long-term, sustainable growth for your business, turning customers into subscribers is key. First of all, it will allow you to manage your own time better by providing stable time commitments as well as more efficient workflows – which will simplify what content your customers are receiving, and when.

As previously mentioned, this will also bring more predictability to your work life, with a recurring income – and more of it, with no third party fees for software, agents, etc.

And finally, and most importantly, it will facilitate more direct and meaningful relationships with your customers.

If you want to be a part of a global community of entrepreneurs that believe in creating value for generations to come, then you can request early access to Subkit here:

Alternatively, get in touch with one of Subkit’s Community Managers: 

Please also check out our blog post about everything you need to know about Patreon here.

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