To put it simply, being net-zero means adding no more greenhouse gases to the Earth’s atmosphere than the amount you’re taking out.

Becoming net-zero is one of the best ways in which we can tackle climate change by reducing global warming. What we do now to limit emissions will be critical to the future - which is why every country and business must work together to find ways to cut the carbon being produced. 

The difference between ‘net-zero’ and ‘carbon neutral’ isn’t always clear (especially when companies engage in greenwashing) and so we recently put together a blog post to explain the difference between the both. Read our Net-Zero Vs. Carbon Neutral blog here. For those interested in understanding how to spot greenwashing, Eco Watch have written this guide on spotting greenwashing in the energy industry.

So What Does Net Zero Mean For Your Business? 

Businesses are expected to have good sustainability policies and should be offsetting their emissions to ensure that they are not adding any extra greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

The UK Government expects that with the transition of net-zero there will be new innovation opportunities like:

  • The creation of new jobs
  • New business investments
  • Operational cost savings
  • Improved quality of life

By going net-zero businesses will be able to avoid climate damage costs, and reap the benefits of emission reduction in the long term.

To learn more about sustainability, net zero, and how betternotstop can help your business to decrease your carbon footprint, please get in touch by emailing us directly at

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