February 18, 2022

‘Zero Waste' refers to a way of life that promotes the goal of reducing the amount of material waste we produce. Being zero waste means sending nothing to landfills, reducing what we need, reusing as much as we can and sending little to be recycled. 

Going Zero Waste is often seen as something not easily achievable but it can be practical and budget friendly. In this blog post we’ll be giving a few tips on how to go zero waste. 

Changing your habits and developing new practices are often the easiest ways to being going zero waste. For example, going to the grocery shop to buy fruits and vegetables. When you opt to purchase without packaging you are following the zero waste lifestyle. 

Changing how you shop online can also help you to go zero waste. Deciding to only shop at zero waste stores is a major change. 

Additionally, transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle will not only reduce waste, but can often be more affordable.

Try to challenge yourself to adopt some of the tips below and soon you’ll be on your way to living the Zero Waste lifestyle!

Buy Less 
Aim to buy only what you need and will use. Before shopping, create a list so you know exactly what you need.
Meal Prep And Composting

This is by far one of the fastest ways to reduce what you send to landfill. Creating a meal prep is one of the best ways to ensure you’re not wasting food and if you do have unwanted food left over consider composting.

This helps to enrich our soil and actually saves you time. Fun fact - composting reduces the need to put out the trash from once a week to once every few months which is great for saving you more time in bed. It also turns out that a lot of our trash is organic matter that is valuable for enriching soil. 

Carry A Reusable Water Bottle And Refuse Takeaway Cups
You can save on average 156 bottles annually by just using a reusable eco-friendly bottle.

Carry Reusable Shopping Bags 

Use reusable bags for shopping and wash your fresh food well. If you need some more ideas on how to shop low waste / zero waste in a regular supermarket and save money, check out our guide How To Do A Zero Waste Grocery Shop In The UK: A Complete Guide.

Shop At Zero Waste Shops, Especially For Beauty Products

A simple change but aside from food and drink, these are the products we buy most often so finding zero waste alternatives makes a big difference. Consider shopping from brands like 2Kind and Lush and if you're struggling here’s 49 zero waste product alternatives. 

You can also check out our article on our favourite zero waste stores online here.

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