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A place for Leaders who want to grow their business and make the world a better place.

Waitlist open for Cohort Two. Launching September 2021.

Anyone trying to grow a brand will know that there is always something to do. So it’s no surprise that 50% of Entrepreneurs experience burnout and in the first three years 60% of businesses will fail. 2020 was tough for so many reasons, we need to move forward and focus on the positive change we can make with our businesses.

A new sustainable economy centred on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is estimated to be worth $12 trillion. The money is there.

Consumers Are Four To Six Times More Likely To Purchase, Protect And Champion Purpose-Driven Companies. (Forbes)

So how can you take advantage of this to grow your impact, income and audience without experiencing burnout and grow back better in 2021?

Answering this question is exactly why we created the Better Business Network.

People are 65% MORE likely to meet a goal after committing to another person. Their chances of success increase to 95% when they build in ongoing meetings with their partners to check in on their progress, according to the American Society for training and development. 

What do you think you could achieve with the support of like-minded people, other people that want to change the world?

Are you someone who:

  • Is ready to move forward with your business?
  • Is struggling with what to prioritise and how to balance your work with your wellbeing?
  • Wants to connect with like-minded business owners and is open to sharing your knowledge and experience?
  • Is creating a business because you want to have a positive impact on the world – And not just because you want to make money (although that’s important too!).

If the answer is yes to any of the above above then the Better Business Network is for you.

By joining the Better Business Network you get:

  • Placed in a peer to peer accountability group of ten other business owners who will act as your advisory board and support system, facilitated by our team
  • Access to our online Slack community and weekly virtual events within the wider Network (more info in the FAQ’s below)
  • Help creating sustainable metrics within your own business
  • Support in creating SMART Goals for your business with free sales and marketing strategy support
  • Support for your projects and campaigns that will create real impact
  • Full transparency in how your membership fees are spent, with money reinvested in additional tailored expert support made possible by working together
  • A host of other benefits based on your membership level (further details below)

Simply fill in the application form below and we will arrange a quick 30 minute meeting to make sure we understand your needs and your business and matchmake you to the right group.

Applications close on the 15th April 2021 and will not reopen again until September 2021. 

Waitlist for Cohort Two Now Open

Check out our FAQ’s at the bottom of this page where we have answered some of the questions other Business Owners have asked us before they joined the network.

We believe that business networks need to provide more.

The focus should not just be on the business but the people that lead them.

In 2020 millennials made up 40 percent of all consumers, and 40 percent of this demographic (according to a survey by Deloitte) believe that the goal of business shouldn’t be a healthy bottom line, but contributing to society.

Being sustainable is not just good for the planet its good for your bottom line as well.

A report by global think tank Wunderman Thompson showed that 92% of consumers around the world want to be more sustainable and 70% will pay more for products and services if they protect the environment.

The Better Business Network is for business leaders that want their time and money to support their business growth and wellbeing as well as making the world better for everyone.

The World Health Organisation classified occupational burnout as a disease in 2019 and it costs the global economy over £195 billion every year. As Business Leaders we need to protect ourselves and our businesses so that we become more sustainable, resilient and create a positive impact on people and the planet.

Learn more about why we created the Better Business Network and who we are here, or keep reading.

Scroll to the bottom to find the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions from business owners.

How to Join

, Better Business Network

Enrol before 15th August to Join September Cohort



£45 + VAT pm

🌍 1% of your monthly fee is donated to charity via ‘1% for the Planet’

 Private Slack Community

 Personal Accountability Group

 Exclusive offers and discounts

 Year Goal Planning Workshop

 Regular Live Skills events

 Social & Wellness events

 Networking events

 Business directory

 Online Tools and Resources Library

 Fortnightly Network newsletter

 Voting on Government campaigns


£95 + VAT pm


🌍  2% of your monthly fee is donated to charity via ‘1% for the Planet’

👩🏻‍💻  Business Introductions Service

👩🏻‍💻  Quarterly email support check ins

👩🏻‍💻  Access to grants and funding 

👩🏻‍💻  Referral benefits

👩🏻‍💻  Voting on monthly £500 donation to an impactful charity or non-profit via ‘1% for the Planet’

👩🏻‍💻  Certified or Pending B Corps invited to private community events

 Private Slack Community

 Personal Accountability Group

 Exclusive offers and discounts

 Year Goal Planning Workshop

 Regular Live Skills events

 Social & Wellness events

 Networking events

 Business directory

 Online Tools and Resources Library

 Fortnightly Network newsletter

 Voting on Government campaigns

Full Access

£135 + VAT pm

🌍  3% of your monthly fee is donated to charity via ‘1% for the Planet’

⭐️  Quarterly One to One Coaching Calls

⭐️  Yearly Sustainability Audit

⭐️  Marketing Audit

⭐️  Free Access to online courses and webinars

⭐️  Monthly email support check ins

👩🏻‍💻  Business introductions service

👩🏻‍💻  Access to grants and funding 

👩🏻‍💻  Referral Benefits

👩🏻‍💻  Voting on monthly £500 donation to an impactful charity or non-profit via ‘1% for the Planet’

👩🏻‍💻  Certified or Pending B Corps invited to private community events

 Private Slack Community

 Personal Accountability Group

 Exclusive offers and discounts

 Year Goal Planning Workshop

 Regular Live Skills events

 Social & Wellness events

 Networking events

 Business directory

 Online Tools and Resources Library

 Fortnightly Network newsletter

 Voting on Government campaigns

Waitlist for Cohort Two Open Now.

Sign up to join the Waitlist. Cohort Two launches in September 2021.

Full scholarships for businesses in financial difficulty are also available via this application form. 


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already a member of (Chamber of Commerce / FSB / IOD). What makes the Better Business Network worth it? 

We offer you a support network that is there for you, virtual, everyday. As well as being placed in a small group you can connect with easily, which will help you grow long term relationships, you have access to connect with all our members via our Slack channel and virtual events. This is the next generation of business network which actively works to make sure you get your return on investment in your membership costs.

We don’t expect you to pay a year up front (unless you want to!) because we know you need to manage your cash flow. Most importantly our focus is helping you with establishing foundational support in your business and network to help it be a sustainable, resilient company while helping you look after your mental health and wellbeing.

You have agency on how your fees are spent and we offer a full money back guarantee if you feel we are not the right fit for you.

How is my membership fee spent? 

Currently the lowest membership fee is £45pm. We keep all spending totally transparent. We share quarterly what the income of the Better Business Network was, spend on operations and marketing and to our partners.

Members then collectively vote on what the membership fees are spent on – including the donation amount to high impact non-profits and money for training and development programmes.

What do I get as a member?  

You get placed in a group with 10 other business owners, facilitated by our team so you have a group to grow with in 2021. In the last week of April we will run a workshop with you and your new network to introduce yourselves, learn about each others businesses and set some 12 month goals for your business.

You will also have access to our Slack channel, event calendar and tools and resources from the first week of May. Ben, our community Manager is in Slack every day to share news, updates and topics from around the web to keep you updated on the world of purpose driven businesses!

Every week we have 30 minute long network-wide Monday Coffee Morning and Friday Afternoon Tea. This consists of a news update from the team, then being placed into breakout rooms to meet other members and talk about that week’s topic.

This is immediately followed by a 30 minute networking event with your private group so you can catch up with your team and set your goals and intentions for the week ahead, or share your wins! You are under no obligation to attend these, but the more you do the more accountable you will be to reach your goals!

There are also weekly workshops and trainings run by the team and our expert support network.

Premium members also have access to office hours with Hannah, Ben and Kate. Our premium members also have access to our trained business and career coach every quarter to help them set their goals and increase their impact.

We want to look after your most important asset (you!) so we incorporate wellness programming to our network programme; try out meditation, breath-work and yoga to help manage your stress levels and look after your mind.

Fortnightly emails from Kate will keep you up to date with network news and opportunities. So if you have something to share, as a founding member this will always be free!

What if I don’t get on with someone in the group I am placed in? 

It happens! This is why we have an interview process after your initial email, to make sure that we get people in groups that are useful to them. We don’t place people based on industry, but aim to mix experiences and industries to help you get a rounded view of support.

If for any reason you don’t click with your group them you just need to let us know in the first two weeks of your membership and we will endeavour to place you in a group that works for you!

What if I can’t commit to attending all the events and networking?  

We understand people are busy. In fact, the reason for Better Business Network is to help you as a business owner prioritise your time and energy into goals that will help you scale your business and hold you accountable. We chose Slack as our main channel of communication so that you can drop in during your office hours and connect with us online, whenever is good for you.

Running your own business can be lonely. We are your support team and community – here to help you grow.

It’s expensive, can I get a discount? 

Currently the lowest membership fee is £45pm, and we are offering five free scholarships to our first cohort. We believe you are getting an extremely high level of value for your money but if you disagree after your first month, we will refund you fully, no questions asked.

What do you expect from me? 

We are looking for business owners who believe in collaboration over competition, open to sharing their best practices and knowledge and will treat this as a safe space. This is a place for us all to look at how by working together we can create systemic change. We are committed to helping you grow your impact and income in 2021.

Does the Better Business Network offer an affiliate scheme?

Yes! As an added thank you, we offer the opportunity to become an affiliate partner with us. This means that for every member that you refer, you’ll receive 10% of their monthly membership fee FOREVER.

The Benefits:

  • For you: If your friends join the network you could make your membership fee back and more.
  • For them: They get access to the lifetime discount and free upgrade if they join before 15th April 2021. We are only keeping applications open until this date and won’t start the second cohort applications until September 2021. Membership upgrades won’t be available to the September cohort.
  • For us: We get to share what we are doing with more good business owners, helping more people do business better.

If you do decide to become a partner, remember that we will always be keeping our finances transparent. So while we will not name partners individually in our company finance reports, members will see how much money is being paid to partners every quarter and it’s important to let people know you’ve decided to act as a partner. Become a partner here.

Enrol by the 15th August to join Cohort Two

The Team 


Founder at betternotstop, Hannah is a Qualified B Leader, an experienced sustainability and CSR professional that has been trained to guide businesses through B Corp certification by B Lab. She is experienced in events, community building, marketing and business development. betternotstop was named one of the Top 10 startups to watch in Manchester. Hannah’s mission is to create systemic change in how businesses and governments operate to create a positive impact on people and the planet. 

, Better Business Network
, Better Business Network


Kate is a Chartered Marketer with 15 years’ experience working for in-house marketing teams for both start-ups and corporates. Kate left the corporate world and set up Kate Clarke Marketing in 2019 with a mission to help more purpose-led businesses be visible and get their message out into the world.​ Kate believes that collaboration is the only way for us to change the current global course we are on. To create opportunities for ideas to grow, connect with people with the same goals and to lift each other up. 


Ben has over a decade’s experience in the sustainable business and environmental management sectors. In addition to being a Chartered Environmentalist, published scientist and alumni of the World Economic Forum’s “Global Shapers Community”, he is also a B Corp “B Leader”. Ben and his company Enriched Horizons Ltd are perfectly placed to assist with all things sustainability. As Community Manager he believes the Better Business Network represents a terrific opportunity to bring together inspirational and forward-thinking leaders. Given our current social climate and the ongoing need for digital interactions, this network will be both rewarding and engaging as a space to harness the power of business for positive change.

, Better Business Network


, Better Business Networkbetternotstop

469 Kingsway, Manchester

5.0 13 reviews

  • , Better Business Network Ruth Hartnoll ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Hannah worked very hard to help us understand the ins and outs of obtaining a B Corp certification, I'm certain without her help we wouldn't have been able to do it. Her bright, sunny disposition made an arduous task feel fun … More and rewarding. Work with Hannah as soon as you get the chance.
  • , Better Business Network Joe Darwen ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Hannah is fantastic to work with, and goes the extra mile to support our business. This includes ideas, contacts, and helping us with our B Corp assessment. The alignment with having a positive impact mission is great
  • , Better Business Network Caroline Noel ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Hannah has helped us to travel the road to complete our initial assessment for becoming a Bcorps this year. She is professional, helpful and knowledgable. A big thank you Hannah. We look forward to working with you in the future
  • , Better Business Network C. Rebecca De Cadorette ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Have had the pleasure of working with Hannah for a few years now, I’m always impressed with her knowledge and her ability to genuinely connect with people. Her workshops are buzzing with energy and I always come out full of ideas. Highly … More recommended.
  • , Better Business Network Laura monk ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Had the oppunity to work with hannah at the end of 2020 and into 2021 ( ongoing), she has worked with us to help our company obtain B corp status. She is always upbeat and make a task that is pretty daunting managable, without her help … More I think this task would be more stressfull. Even when this project is done I hope that Leafy Bean Co can still find a way to work with hannah.
  • , Better Business Network patricia shea ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    I was lucky enough to work with Hannah at the beginning of this year and her invaluable input in regards to my business held me in great stead as the craziness of 2020 ensued.
    Just recently we collaborated on an event based around sustainable
    … More fashion organised by Hannah/betternotstop. Hannah orchestrated a seamless event and was active and prescient during the workshop with asking pertinent questions and giving additional information to the attendees.
    Thanks Hannah!

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