We are thrilled to announce that the recipient of the Better Business Network’s very first Impact Fund donation is Blue Sky Fund!

The American non-profit is based in Richmond, VA and exists to educate and mentor at-risk youth by getting inner-city kids out of their urban environment, and into the great outdoors through two primary methods of programming: experiential science education and outdoor adventure.

Which is right up our street!

It was great to see BBN members come together to learn more about a variety of different causes that could benefit from our initial Impact Fund donation and cast their votes – alongside the ongoing business networking, accountability groups and business workshops. 

Giving back to both the planet and people is a key part of the Better Business Network. Membership fees go towards the running of the network itself but alongside this, members collectively vote on what the membership fees are spent on – including the donation amount to high impact non-profits and money for training and development programmes.

This will be the first of many donations to good causes, non-profits and charities via our partners at 1% For The Planet. For now though, we couldn’t be happier to be a small part in the furthering of the Blue Sky Fund’s goal to give every young person the opportunity to discover themselves by actively engaging the natural world.

You can read more about what the Blue Sky Fund do here.

To learn more about the Better Business Network, and to find out how you could become a member, click here.

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