As business owners, we tend to have a lot on our minds at any given point. On top of the nitty-gritty of actually running the business, we have our hopes, dreams and ambitions for the future of the business swirling around our brains too.

However, we’ve all been there when an unexpected email comes in, the phone rings, or something else just needs to be done first. Sometimes we procrastinate, sometimes we don’t prioritise properly. But whatever the reason for it, not achieving your goals as a business owner is never a good thing. 

You want your business to thrive and there’s one surefire way to make that happen: accountability.

Accountability keeps you moving forward towards your goals; taking the steps required to take your business to the next level; it boosts your accomplishments by helping you make consistent progress with each of your goals.

Accountability is a way of tracking success. 

But how exactly?

Connecting With Like-Minded Business Owners

When you connect with a network of like-minded business owners who are open to sharing their knowledge and experience with you, you are able to develop your strategies and execute them with confidence; working out any issues in advance by discussing your plans and ideas with people who want to help you.

Measuring Your Success And Progress

A good network of peers, facilitated by the right development team, will help you define what success looks like and how to reach the goals you set, measuring your progress along the way. Using SMART Goals, you will be able to easily track the development and growth of your business.

Keeping You Engaged

As we said earlier – we’ve all been there. We’ve got distracted, our phone has rang and we’ve looked at the clock only to find out another day has disappeared. While there will always be things that could distract you from your goals, knowing that you are accountable to both yourself and others when it comes to your progress will keep you on track.

Validating You And Your Ideas

When you are working towards set goals as part of a wider network of peers (who are all there cheering you on!) you’ll be able to stop questioning yourself and instead bounce ideas off of people who can help you make decisions and provide constructive advice to help you hit your targets and take your business further.

“People are 65% MORE likely to meet a goal after committing to another person. Their chances of success increase to 95% when they build in ongoing meetings with their partners to check in on their progress.”

  • American Society for Training and Development

As we said in a previous blog post on why we started the Better Business Network, by joining a community that understands what running a business is like, business leaders can set specific and measurable goals that they are held accountable for.

Joining an accountability group will help you to accomplish what you can’t do on your own. It’s a way to ensure that your business thrives, that you hit all of your personal and professional goals, and importantly – so you don’t burn out!

To learn more about the Better Business Network, please click here.

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