There are two fantastic events coming up in June and early July we wanted to share with our readers; the B Corp Global Climate Summit & The Good Business Festival.

The B Corp Global Climate Summit takes place between 29th June – 1st July, and The Good Business Festival will be taking place between 7th – 9th July.

Regular readers will know that not only is betternotstop proud to be a B Corp and part of a community of people using business as a force for good, but we also help other companies become B Corp Certified so that they can also make a meaningful impact on the world.

Being an active member of this community, we’re very excited about the upcoming B Corp Global Climate Summit. The event will be an online event, taking place over three days, inspiring attendees to take collective climate action centered around people and justice.

They are bringing together the global B Corp Climate Collective community to learn, advance, and accelerate their calls to action to address the climate emergency. This regionally inclusive and accessible Summit will feature global climate leaders and special guests from the front lines of change.

To learn more and register for this free event, click here.

The following week The Good Business Festival will be taking place – it’s an event that uses business as a lens to discuss the change that’s needed in our societies. What we love about the Good Business Festival is that, in their words, they “don’t care where you work, what you do or how much business jargon you know – this is for everyone.”

At The Good Businesses Festival in July 2021, you’ll learn why right now is the time to trial new ideas and alternative approaches in business. They will be asking businesses to consider and commit to a purpose beyond profit, offering insights and inspiration for business to develop, grow, and refine its structures, processes, products, services in order to translate ideas into actions.

The Good Business Festival programming aims to create space for a huge variety of topics; everything from the big issues facing global societies to the niggling questions that sit at the back of our minds when we go to work every day.

To learn more and sign up for tickets to The Good Business Festival, click here.

Hannah Cox, Founder at betternotstop, is a B Corp Consultant studied under Ryan Honeyman, Author of the B Corp Handbook and has completed the B Leader programme, as have all our business consultants.

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