You probably won’t have heard of Aldeburgh, a beautiful coastal town in Suffolk with a population of just a few thousand. It’s so lovely to be by the sea, with a surprising amount of small pubs and cafes, and of course, great fish and chips.

It’s the town Phil grew up in, and we were there this year for his birthday. Trying to think of something new and original to do in such a small place, without having to drive, was a challenge. However, Treasure Trails came to the rescue!

A Treasure Trail is a self-guided Treasure Hunt, and there are over 1,000 across the UK. Yep, you read that right (I checked – there are three in central Manchester). So it came as no surprise that there was one in Aldeburgh.

My Honest Review

The best thing about Treasure Trails is that they are all ages. We really enjoyed this, and could see how it would be fun for kids too!

We got a start point and told to give ourselves two and a half hours to complete the trail. Phil and I managed this in just under two hours with no kids! There were 20+ clues we had to solve by walking around Aldeburgh before we were done.

Because it encourages you to look for things that you wouldn’t usually notice, even Phil, who lived here for twenty years discovered things he had not noticed before! It was a great way to spend the afternoon exploring Aldeburgh, and we thought it was fantastic value for money.

As a Minimalist, I’m not a big fan of present buying for the sake of it – and Phil over the years has been notoriously hard to buy for. Instead, we prefer to organise something we can do together as our gifts to each other. I also extend this offer to my friends and family – but when it comes to kids it can be hard to do.

That’s when Treasure Trails comes in! Before I go further I just want to point out this article is not sponsored and I paid full price for my Treasure Trail. Phil and I just had such a great experience with them that I wanted to share it with you!

They are also insanely good value for money – prices start a £9.99 for a print at home copy. Or you can pay for it to be mailed out, or even personalise your own with a photo and Treasure Trail title. Because it was Phil’s birthday I splashed out £12.99 on the personalised version, and I think it looked great!

Check out some of the pictures from our Treasure Trail!

Treasure Trails : A Unique £10 UK Adventure Idea, Treasure Trails : A Unique £10 UK Adventure Idea

Treasure Trails : A Unique £10 UK Adventure Idea, Treasure Trails : A Unique £10 UK Adventure Idea

Treasure Trails : A Unique £10 UK Adventure Idea, Treasure Trails : A Unique £10 UK Adventure Idea

It’s also inspired me to do a few more Treasure Trails in the UK as a way to explore and enjoy cities that I have not visited before (and even for my beloved Manchester).

It was a nice reminder of how even close to home we can find a bit of Adventure! 

If you have ever done a Treasure Trail, or are inspired to do your own – comment below!

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