In this article, Mike Hardman from Alliance Online suggests ways we can live more consciously, plus four great products to improve sustainability in the home.

At Alliance Online, we provide kitchen and catering supplies and equipment to a variety of different businesses and organisations — including a wide range of eco-friendly products. We’ve seen a massive increase in demand for more eco-conscious items as people start to move towards a more sustainable way of living. This is largely because we’ve been inspired by important documentaries, like Planet Earth and Seaspiracy, to do better and learn more about our impact on the environment.

Encouraging sustainability is important because it can help preserve our planet for future generations. But another pro of selling eco-friendly products is it can be great for raising awareness for your brand. With consumers becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability and making conscious buying decisions, having a green range grants your business a significant advantage.

Taking a more sustainable approach to running your business doesn’t just appeal to a wider range of customers — it can have other benefits too. For example, if you reduce you waste output, you may find yourself paying less for bin collection or disposal. Government legislation also tends to reward eco-friendly practices with lower taxes and other incentives. So, there are many benefits to going green in addition to saving the planet and we encourage other companies to lead by example and start doing the same if they aren’t already.

But it’s important people make more conscious decisions at home, too. As well as reducing your waste and environmental impact, conscious living can inspire your friends and family to start doing their bit and this can help the sustainability movement to keep gaining momentum. This means that every household will be able to achieve even more for the environment in the coming years.

As providers of eco products to a wide range of commercial and domestic clients, we know a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Below, we’ve suggested four sustainable swaps you can do at home to start making your everyday life more sustainable.

Eco-knit towels

Eco-knit bath towels are great to bring into your home for a number of reasons. They’re designed to last longer, which means you don’t have to replace them as often when they get worn or frayed, and they take up to 15% less water to wash them and dry 40% faster too, so they can help you save water as well as carbon emissions. Their biggest appeal, though, is that they have much better absorption rates than regular woven towels, so you don’t need to use as many, resulting in fewer washes and a longer lifespan.

Bamboo-fibre mixing bowl

Bamboo products are popping up everywhere from toothbrushes to cutlery, because it’s an incredibly sturdy natural material and a fantastic replacement for plastic. These mixing bowls are made from a combination of bamboo fibre and wood, so they’re just as lightweight as the plastic mixing bowls you might be used to using, but they’re much less disruptive and damaging to the planet to produce, use, and eventually throw away.

Paper straws and cups

There’s a lot of interest in disposables and party supplies at the moment, particularly as lockdown restrictions are lifting, the weather is improving, and more and more of us are heading outside for picnics and al fresco get-togethers. By now, we all know how dangerous plastic straws can be and these colourful paper straws are a fun and eco-friendly replacement. The same goes for plastic coffee cups, and these reuseable alternatives that are made from naturally derived rice husks can be washed and filled with hot beverages time and time again — but they’re compostable when buried in soil!

Bio-cleaning products

We go through so many cleaning and personal hygiene products a year that it can be easy to forget the amount of harsh chemicals these can include, many of which may be damaging to the environment. By shopping for bio cleaning products like ChemEco Bio Toilet Cleaner, you’ll get the same results you would from mainstream brands but all naturally derived and safe to use. You can find sustainable alternatives for all kinds of cleaning chemicals from floor cleaner to antibacterial wipes, so you’ll be able to keep the cupboard under your sink well stocked while doing your bit for the earth.

These are just some of the great products out there that are providing eco-friendly alternatives to common household items. Sustainability is important to Alliance Online, but it’s vital we all strive to make greener choices at home too.

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