Many people over the age of 50 have business ideas ready to be made into reality and are able to back up those ideas with the experience gained throughout their working lives.

And statistics show the value of that experience: businesses started by those aged over 45 are more likely to be successful than those created by those aged 18-25 years.

Age is an asset, and as the Startup School For Seniors say; “you’re never too old to start in business.”

Startup School for Seniors (SSfS) is a not for profit organisation who deliver an eight week course suitable for anyone over 50 who wants to start a business.

We love what they do and wanted to share information about them with our readers!

On their eight week, online course you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of running a business – taught through video, with a weekly theme and around two to three hours of content.

Those signed up to the course can watch the videos whenever they like to fit around their schedules and routines – which is a real bonus, with one in five people over 50 being informal carers, as mentioned in this Guardian interview with SSfS co-founder Mark Elliott. Flexibility is key.

There is also a live one hour Zoom call catch up with Mark and SSfS co-founder Suzanne Noble, early one weekday evening where you can meet your fellow members and morning catch up every other week. In addition, there’s a private Facebook group for mutual support, organised by Suzanne & Mark.

If you want to learn how to start a business with the leading online course aimed at people aged 50+ and benefit from being part of our community of older business owners, visit

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