The wonderful folks at Veo, in collaboration with Code-switch Associate Research Consultants, have investigated how consumers around are shopping, how they feel about sustainability and the causes that they care about the most.

As part of a cross-generational study, 1,000 participants in 34 countries were surveyed – and the findings are fascinating!

The infographic below highlights the main findings, with results demonstrating that consumers really do care about how they shop, what they buy and who they shop from – with ethics being one of the top three motivators for consumers when deciding what and where to buy.

, New Study Gives A Whole New Meaning To ‘Retail Therapy’

Veo is immersive lifestyle platform, showcasing the most unique independent sustainable brands in Fashion, Beauty, Food & Home.

They believe that quality & sustainability are intrinsically linked and so can guarantee you’ll never have to compromise in your choices of style, taste, or lifestyle. Or as they put it: the good stuff, no compromise.

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