The world is a packed out place and when you choose to add your business to the list of gas-guzzling, energy stealing monsters out there, you have to do what you can to avoid being one of them. You want to make sure that your business can fill a gap in the market and to do this, you need to focus on sustainability as much as possible. Sustainability has so many benefits and it’s become the responsibility of every single business who decides to open a space to work from. 

You’ve seen the companies out there in their offices with the lights on overnight, with no proper waste management plan in place – don’t be one of these businesses. Not only will you be able to click here and speak to your accountant about the money you save in your efforts toward being greener, you can see the benefits compared to the bigger businesses out there. It takes the smaller companies to start making a difference and it’s not just about the environment.

Business sustainability includes your social responsibility and your finances. With this in mind, here are some of the ways that you can make your business more sustainable:


  • Look at your packaging. If your business requires packaging for product delivering you need to be choosy about your resources. Some packaging options are not sustainable and you need yours to be. Being greener with your packaging is going to allow you to show off a little that your business is one that cares. This can have a hugely positive impact on your customers and clients, and this is something you should want to do!


  • Consider your electricity. We mentioned those businesses out there who spend a lot of money keeping their lights on day and night, and you need to look at your own electrical expenses and use. If you’re keeping your lights on, ask yourself why. It may be cheaper for you to upgrade your security than to constantly have the lights on in your business, and if the majority of your power goes on heating and cooling, it’s about time you checked the energy ratings on your appliances and air conditioning units.


  • Invest in solar power. If you want to be a business leader who aims for the future, consider the way that solar power could benefit you. Depending on your business and your location, you might find that solar energy can help you to keep going without all of the impact on the environment. You could use it to literally harness the power of the sun to power your business. It’s a bigger initial investment for a long-term, cheaper option.


  • Use ethical products. If you buy and sell goods, choose the right suppliers. You want people who don’t use palm oil or slave conditions for their workers. You want to be an ethical business and put your money where your mouth is!


Being sustainable will save you money and save your reputation – why not look into it now?

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