At betternotstop, we believe every business has the ability and responsibility to make the world a better place. It’s why we champion purpose-driven and ethical businesses that are making positive impacts. 

Previously, we shouted out some of the best ethical businesses that we’ve worked with and now we want to champion some of our favourite London-based businesses for good. 

Businesses For Good: London

  • Mooncup
    Mooncup offers women a more environmentally friendly alternative with their reusable menstrual cups, a principle which is further seen in their production, packaging and marketing. The surgical grade silicone cups also have the added bonus of eliminating the risk of toxic shock syndrome.

  • Olio
    Food sharing app Olio combats the ever-growing issue of food waste (something we’ve written about before, here and here). Olio users donate surplus food to other users who want or need it. The app helps to curb the £12.5 billion worth of food waste that ends up in landfill every year and also provides support to individuals in need.

  • Notpla
    This company created an edible membrane derived from seaweed that carries water as well as any plastic alternative that is both edible and biodegradable within 6 weeks. They hope this innovative material will be adapted to contain all kinds of drinks or condiments, and possibly toiletries in the future. 

Small London Businesses For Good

  • Top Up Truck
    This zero waste Top Up Truck operates from an old electric milk float. They bring plastic-free shopping to your street.

  • Circla
    Circla delivers refillable beauty products to your door. Every product is delivered by bike or an electric vehicle. 

  • 69Boutique
    This clothing and accessories shop brings designers together that are socially and environmentally responsible. They serve as a sustainable fashion marketplace.  

  • Streetbox London
    This fruit and veg supplier supplies the overbought food to customers to help fight the ongoing problems of food waste. 

It would be great to know about any other London businesses for good that you would recommend we check out and shout about - please do let us know in the comments! 

Additionally, if you’re thinking about supporting ethical business and other businesses for good read our blogs on the best ethical businesses to support, our better business roundup, and our recommended best businesses for good to support on the Better Business Network blog.

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