BECOME B corp certified

Are you looking for assistance in helping your company become B Corp Certified? You have come to the right place.

betternotstop is proud to be a B Corp and part of a community of people using business as a force for good. We help other companies become B Corp Certified so that they can also make a meaningful impact on the world. Join other companies like Patagonia, Ben & Jerrys, All Birds and Etsy in becoming B Corp certified. 

Why work with us to become B Corp Certified?

  • We guide businesses through the B Corp Assessment and Certification process.
  • Establish which areas of the business need support.
  • Help create supporting legal documentation.
  • Create, update and formalise sustainability, environmental, employee and customer policies.
  • Establishing Impact goals and reporting guidelines.
  • Guiding you through the legal requirements and paperwork.
  • Help build partnerships with other B Corp businesses
  • Creating and implement marketing strategies to promote B Corp brand values to your customers.
  • Provide employee training and education on B Corp Certification.

Hannah Cox, Founder at betternotstop is a Certified B Corp Consultant studied under Ryan Honeyman, Author of the B Corp Handbook and undertaking the B Leader programme this November. The B Leader programme is designed by B Lab UK, to empower consultants in the UK to work with businesses to measure their social and environmental impact using the tools and approach of the B Corp certification.

Get a free personalised business assessment on how betternotstop can help your business become B Corp. Simply book a 30-minute consultation today and receive your assessment within 24 hours. 

We usually work with clients for a minimum of three months to help them achieve B Corp Certification and maximize the value of support. However, through our training and workshops, we are also able to work with business owners on a more Adhoc basis for those with the time to implement the changes needed themselves.

If you want more information or a service list including all the packages and prices available please email or use the form below.

Businesses can complete the B Impact Assessment and go through the certification process and pay the annual certification fee independently at B Lab. Our role is to act as a consultant and add value to this process for businesses needing support with their time and resources.

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