Hi, I’m Hannah, Founder of betternotstop.

It all started with a conversation with my Dad. Before he passed away in 2011, he told me not to settle and to never stop pursuing my dreams.

Betternotstop was born from this advice, and it is central to everything I do to this day.

Through my blog, newsletter, Patreonaccountability cohorts, and events, I aim to give Entrepreneurs, business owners, adventurers and passionate individuals the tools to discover more about themselves, make the world a better place and improve their life and business.

In 2017, I embarked on an epic backpacking journey from England to Bhutan across 18 countries. In this “Road to Happiness” expedition, I discovered and documented what made people happy.

While working remotely on this trip I noticed a gap in the market, to empower people through community and travel to help them destress, relax and refocus for the good of their health and their business. And why not try and change the world at the same time?

I decided to build a business to grow a community of people that want to enhance their lives and create a eco-friendly future, inspired to do their best work, wherever they are.

Since launching the business last year I’ve  had some brilliant industry press (including Metro, Bustle and Sifted)

I’ve partnered with growing Vietnamese startup CoXplore, been flown to Korea as part of a month-long government start-up programme with WeWork Labs, won pitch competitions and even interviewed a silicon valley VC as part of Barclays Eagle Labs!

I believe that we can control our future with the right tools and support. Betternotstop makes it possible to take time for yourself and make your own future.

I believe businesses should be built on a model for good. betternotstop is a regenerative business. Which means the objective is to create a positive our social and ecological impact on the world. Since the coronavirus, the focus has been more on what we can do at home and online with a view to introduce back experiences and events as soon as we can.

The solution is betternotstop

I can help you through my Patreonaccountability cohortsevents and guide you to succeed with online resources including my newsletter and blog.

It’s not just me, I work with a group of amazing partners to create some amazing experiences and events. Come and join us. 


More about Hannah

After writing, speaking and organising workshops and events under the name ‘betternotstop’ for several years while travelling extensively she started it as a full time business in 2019.

Her positive approach to life has seen her clear £20,000 debt, travel to 46 countries and be shortlisted as an Entrepreneur of the Year at the Made in Manchester awards.

Hannah has been self-employed since University with a diverse career in Music, Events and Marketing including managing Music festivals and a successful Art business which lead to featured work in The Telegraph, Guardian other online outlets.

Her event consultancy roles within award-winning Creative Agencies included creating, pitching and delivering on projects as diverse as conference management, retail launches, experiential activity and outdoor events for Blue Chip companies. Connect with her on LinkedIn.