Journalists, celebrities, academics, business owners and basically anyone with a smartphone or laptop can pull together their own podcast show within a matter of days. It’s a great way to connect with an existing or new audience, but with thousands to choose from, how can you find a podcast that YOU will enjoy?

I considered starting my own for a while and even got a few interviews under my belt. But ultimately I decided that writing was the medium I wanted to concentrate on this year and instead much prefer listening to them.

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you my favourite podcasts. I find them a great way to keep updated, inspired or simply entertained while I go about my day.

For me, I love to listen to a podcast while exercising, cooking or doing household chores. I also find them great to listen to while I travel.

I have wonderful memories of Phil and I listening to podcasts together while working on farms and on our many train journeys using a headphone splitter or speaker.

I wanted to share with you my top 10 podcasts, which span across business, travel, comedy, self-care and culture.

I’ve also shared with you an episode I particularly enjoyed to get you started on your podcast journey. I hope you find something new to listen to and enjoy, and I would love to hear what podcasts you enjoy and why. So in no particular order, here we go!

How I Built This

A fascinating insight into how Founders grew their companies to success. This podcast takes Founders back to their first days in business when their brand was just an idea and discusses the highs and lows it took to grow to the successful business owners they are today.

What I love most about How I Built This is Guy Raz’s interview style. He is not afraid to ask the difficult questions, like how they funded their companies – whether through personal money, investment or loans.  He also talks a lot about the failures they had before success, and in many cases, this is a great source of insight into how to be resilient as a business owner. It’s about seeing the opportunities or lessons we can gain from failures and how to use that towards future success.

Guy talks to the brains behind some incredibly well-known companies and brands, from a variety of industries. Often the company or industry I know least about or think I will have the least interest in has provided me with the most inspiration. Stand out episodes for me in the past have been with Chicken Salad Chick Stacy Brown in which she talks about how she made chicken salad into a $75 million business in the States and Power Rangers Haim Saban, from starting life as a refugee in Tel Aviv to becoming a billionaire media titan.

You can subscribe to the podcast here.

Tough Girl Podcast

As the name suggests, Presenter Sarah Williams interviews women who take part in exciting challenges. Mountain climbing, ultrarunning, walking and sailing are all covered under the Tough Girl banner. In fact, Sarahs’s mission is to simply get more women’s stories in the media and as an Adventurer herself she is brilliant at asking the questions we all want to know when talking to people about why and how they undertake great challenges.

My favourite thing about this podcast and brand is Sarah’s refreshing honesty. The ‘Adventure Community’ can be a bit of a posh boys club, with seemingly infinite financial resources or sponsorship opportunities. Sarah shares things like the costs of her trips, she discusses the hardships related to tough physical and mental challenges and is a huge advocate of giving women the confidence to undertake their own challenges.

Shameless self-promotion: Check out my two episodes on the podcast here. I also am a supporter of Sarah via Patreon, something I talk more about in this article hereFollow the podcast here. 

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster 

This podcast is the perfect listen when I want to switch off and relax. Two UK Comedians interview a variety of guests under the guise of the ‘Dream Restaurant’ where they are able to order their favourite ever starter, main, side dish and dessert. It’s light-hearted entertainment at it’s best.

It’s a simple premise made comedy genius when you combine it with the random tangents the episodes head down, and an exciting insight into what makes people tick. My favourite episodes are with guests I already know, and I am waiting for the day in which they get a guest that fully shares my idea of the best meal ever!

As far as stand out episodes, I found Jordan Banjos choices frankly shocking and could not stop laughing during Greg Davies Christmas special. 

You can subscribe to the podcast here.

Green Dreamer Podcast 

Since I started my journey in Minimalism, focusing on a more sustainable lifestyle has been a priority for me. But, I find it frustrating how difficult this is made for many of us by big businesses and governments.

Green Dreamer with Kamea Chayne is a podcast for those who want to help build a greener life and want a thriving planet to call home. Her conversations with changemakers help highlight many of the ways we can support and change the world with our own actions.

Since lockdown in the UK, I have to admit It’s been harder to focus on sustainability and making the right environmental choices when so much other choice has been taken away from us. This podcast is a nice reminder for me to make better choices that align with my values.

There are hundreds of episodes to choose from, so I would recommend  “Conscious Consumerism is a Lie” and Getting the Courage to Be Controversial with Alden Wicker and Bea Johnson on Launching the Global Zero Waste Movement and How We’ve Been Duped as great starting points.

You can subscribe to the podcast here.

Feel Better, Live More 

If it’s possible to have a crush on someone’s voice, Dr Chatterjee has stolen my heart. A GP with over 16 years’ experience he aims to inspire, empower and transform the way we feel.

I really enjoy the way in which he approaches how to live a healthier and happier life, and always find after listening to an episode that I have some actionable tips that I can use in my own life. An episode that was a game-changer for me recently was a Coronavirus Special: How To Manage Anxiety In The Face Of A Global Pandemic with Dr Judson Brewer. Minutes after the episode finished I removed all distracting apps plus my web browser from my phone (I’d been googling coronavirus news habitually several times a day).

The simple fact of changing my phone to just texts, calls, podcasts, health apps and banking apps has been a huge part of lowering my anxiety and helping with my focus. Another great recent episode was Rich Roll on Conversation, Connection and How To Cope In a Toxic World. The main take away in this one for me was how I frame myself and handle my own addictions.

You can subscribe to the podcast here.

The Adam Buxton Podcast

A veritable podcast veteran, Adam Buxton talks to a variety of interesting people about why they do what they do. He’s one of my favourite comedians and I love how every podcast begins with a clear background of the person he is interviewing. Even if I don’t know who he is talking to that week, the first ten to fifteen minutes in which he talks about them shows insight into why he has chosen them to be on his show.

He also regularly gets his two school friends Joe Cornish and Louis Theroux on the show and it’s a joy to listen to them crack jokes and make up songs together. It genuinely makes me feel like I know Adam personally, and that type of warm podcast honesty is refreshing to listen to.

The recent Philip Pullman episode was great. As well as being a huge fan of his writing he’s a fascinating character with some incredibly interesting ideas around religion, society and politics.

You can subscribe to the podcast here.

What You Will Learn

I was put onto this podcast by a guy I worked with called Jaime. We had discussed our love of reading personal development and business books, and I had lamented about how I was so busy reading them I never seemed to implement them.

He suggested this podcast, created by Adam and Adam, two Aussie blokes that love reading great books. Each week they share the best bits from the best books. When I started listening to them it was just two mates chatting in a room about the main takeaways they have got from a book, but as they have grown they have recently started interviewing guests.

My favourite episodes are still the scrappy early ones, which don’t seem to worry about what anyone else thinks and feels like a conversation you are overhearing in the pub. I really enjoyed their take on Digital Minimalism, as well as thoughts on Crush it! 

You can subscribe to the podcast here.

How To Fail 

I was sent this by my Sister and while I am a fan, I find this is one of those podcasts that I need to dip in and out of less frequently. While it is interesting to learn about other people’s perceived failures in life and where it has eventually lead them, I prefer not to focus on the word failure too much personally.

However, her recent episode with Mo Gawdat on how to cope with anxiety in a time of Coronavirus was so good I have ended up sharing it was several people. Reframing our mindset on what is happiness, is something that I have been researching for the last few years as part of the planning for my first book and his insights were really good.

It was especially interesting to hear about how he is working and playing during the pandemic and how he is responding to the news happening around him.

You can subscribe to the podcast here.

The Documentary 

A host of the latest documentaries Investigating global developments, issues and affairs by the BBC World Service.

I love to listen to these when I am walking and can fully concentrate on the story. The recent episode on the idea of a universal basic income was great and I like the fact most episodes are under 30 minutes. These bite-sized introductions to topics and ideas have meant that on many occasions I have followed up stories and spent hours exploring, researching and thinking about things that sit outside my own cultural references and ideas.

You can subscribe to the podcast here.

No Such Thing as a Fish 

Another fun one to finish with is a podcast by the minds behind a hugely popular TV quiz in the UK. It’s a simple idea, in which each presenter talks about something they have learnt that week or a fact they like.

As a result, I always end up with some random information stored in my head, like how a kangaroo can balance or the worst place to keep the small change.  Because the episodes are so varied, I can’t pick our a favourite. The best thing about this though is that you can dip in and out of it any time and it’s an easy listen.

You can subscribe to the podcast here.

I’d love to hear what you think of my list and what podcasts you would add to it!

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