One bright Monday morning in June, team betternotstop stocked up on car snacks, set the music to shuffle and piled into the car ready for an adventure! 

Wedged in between bags of pasta and celebrity cardboard cutouts, we were on our way to exhibit at London Climate Action Week’s flagship event, Reset Connect

What is Reset Connect? 

As the UK’s largest sustainability ecosystem and green investment event, Reset Connect gathered nearly 3,000 individuals from across the sustainability landscape for two days at London’s ExCel Arena. 

With 3 different stages, numerous exhibitors and thousands of delegates, it was an opportunity to meet sustainability leaders, policy makers, purpose-led brands and industry innovators all striving to find creative means to improve our social and environmental sustainability. 

Why was Team betternotstop there?

Proudly standing in front of our ‘WE HELP FIX THE BROKEN SYSTEM. JOIN US?’ backdrop, the team was on a mission to connect with and inspire delegates about their role in creating a positive impact in their industry. 

As well as hosting panel discussions and meeting Better Business Network members, perhaps our biggest attraction was the cohort of celebs we had joining us at our stand! Our guests were Sir David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg, Stormzy, Leonardo Di Caprio and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and boy did they do down a treat! 

Using our five celebrity cardboard cutouts (sadly we couldn’t actually get them in person!), we encouraged delegates to take a photo with our celebs, post it on social media tagging betternotstop, all in return for a charity donation

Using Buy One Give One, we gave each celebrity a charitable cause. This included helping a farmer run a beekeeping business in Kenya; equipping women in Burundi with finance and business training; and giving a bicycle to a child for a day to promote education in Cambodia. 

Delegates could choose which cause to support and it was hugely successful at engaging delegates about the power of their own actions.

Image showing jars with dry pasta shells inside. On each jar names are written

Photo: The pasta shells show the amount of photos delegates had with each celebrity 

Panel Discussions

Our very own Hannah Cox also chaired two sessions across the event. The first was titled Launching a Purpose-led Startup and gave panellists and delegates the opportunity to share their experiences growing their businesses from conception to reality. Most insightful was the spirited discussion around challenges and hurdles businesses face and how to overcome them with integrity and renewed determination. 

Hannah’s second session - How do you make B Corp certification more achievable? - was lively and with panellists including betternotstop former client Charlie Cohen at &Sisters and Better Business Network member Andy Aitken from Honest Mobile. Discussions ranged from how to make B Corp a more weighted process for smaller and larger businesses and also what the panel’s top tips for achieving B Corp certification would be. 

Better Business Network 

Of course no sustainability event would be complete without a strong cohort of Better Business Network members there! It was great to see so many faces attending the conference and even more coming along to People, Planet, Pint evening networking session! There isn’t a better way to end an already inspiring day than by spending the evening getting to know other like-minded business people over a pint (or two!).*

So what did we learn? 

Apart from learning that driving is and always will be a nightmare in London… We learned that collaboration is key. Many of the businesses and delegates present at the conference spoke about how we need to work together, across industries, to ensure we are putting sustainable actions at the centre of our business. 

We also learned that Better Business Network members are born to be on tv! Check out Trey’s 17 Questions videos, some of which were filmed at Reset Connect, to find out a little more about what makes our members tick. 

*Manchester’s People, Planet, Pint will be hosted at 33 Oldham Street, M1 1JG on the first Thursday of every month. Sign up here

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