Image above – Betternotstop’s Hannah Cox speaking with GOODFEST co-founder, Ben Akers.

Last week, Betternotstop attended GOODFEST festival in Newquay, Cornwall. The event was a gathering of creative minds, engaging in conversations exploring how to inspire change through purposeful ideas and actions.

When it comes to purpose-driven events, questions are often asked whether these kind of events are actually driving change and effectiveness in shifting the dial – GOODFEST certainly did indeed bring about significant transformation for us all. It was truly exceptional.

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The days were filled with stories, inspiring ideas, new connections, laughter, tears, chilly dips, heartwarming bonfires, delicious food, moments of profound stillness, dynamic movement, and vibrant energy.

We participated in discussions centered around the Power of Stories and the concept of “a good life,” examining it from both individual perspectives and as responsible citizens of Planet Earth. There were countless meaningful conversations that continue to resonate long after we bid farewell to the picturesque Mawgan Porth. 

Hannah Cox, the founder of Betternotstop and The Better Business Network (BBN), had the opportunity to share her experiences in building the BBN Community during an ‘In Conversation’ session on Thursday morning. 

You can find out more about the Better Business Network and sign up to become a member here

The festival also featured other notable speakers, including GOODFEST co-founder Ben Akers, Scilla Elworthy, John Brown, Joss Ford, Ayan Said, Mark Shayler, and Jon Alexander.

The decision to partner with GOODFEST was driven by a strong alignment with shared values. GOODFEST catered to communicators, founders and change-makers providing a platform for individuals who sought to influence others through their work or wished to learn how to take their efforts to the next level. This collaboration was in harmony with Betternotstop’s core beliefs, emphasising the importance of nurturing relationships and collaborating with dedicated organisations. 

On the second day, early risers eased into the morning with Mark Shayler, leading a Qigong session on the meadow or offering a refreshing morning dip. The rest of the morning was dedicated to a choice of ten diverse workshops – Attendees had the opportunity to either: 

  1. Rebel against overconsumption through mending with Lisa Matzi of Rebel Patch
  2. Engage in joyful art and meaningful conversations with Gani Naylor
  3. Tap into the power of play with Lucy Hawthorne
  4. Embark on a cathartic journey from anxiety to agency with Jake Causley
  5. Learn to align with the rhythms of nature in daily life from Jessica Ferrow,
  6. Explore their wild side with Evva Semenowicz,
  7. Transform their inner narrative with Rhian Sherrington,
  8. Challenge conventional thinking and plan a creative heist with Thad Cox
  9. Gain insights into growing woodlands in the face of climate change from Rai Lewis and Carl Rowlinson,
  10. Discover how non-violent communication can change beliefs and shift paradigms with Rob Harrison-Plastow.

The remarkable Scilla Elworthy addressed the topic of peace and its vulnerability to unregulated and unconscious AI. She encouraged us to embrace vulnerability by sharing a moment that touched our hearts with the person next to us and explored the role of emotions in global conflicts. 

Finally, the amazing host and driving force, Gail Muller, concluded this year’s festival on a hopeful note, emphasising its vital role in sustaining the energy for change. She announced the launch of her own Hope Fest in June next year, aimed at sharing hope with young people in Cornwall. She extended a heartfelt invitation to the Goodfest community to participate as mentors and organisers.

Heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who brought their authentic selves to this gathering. As we take a moment to reflect and process, let’s harness this energy and passion to make a positive impact on the world.

And speaking of positive change The Better Business Network team are gearing up to host our second annual flagship conference, The Better Business Summit. This is a conference of two days full of workshops, panels, debates and keynote speeches, followed by a day of nature based activities taking place 17-19 January in Manchester.
This is something you don’t want to miss, joining us in creating meaningful change by buying your tickets here

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