Photo of Hannah Cox, betternotstop's founder.


betternotstop was originally founded as a blog by Hannah to document her new approach to life; focusing on positivity and sustainability. After writing, speaking and organising workshops and events under the name betternotstop for several years while travelling extensively Hannah started it as a full-time business in 2019.

Hannah is has been trained to guide businesses through B Corp certification by B Lab as a B Leader. She is experienced in events, community building, marketing and business development. Hannah's mission is to create systemic change in how businesses and governments operate to create a positive impact on people and the planet.


Graham has over 30 years of private sector experience in various industries with the majority in Construction. He has spent the last 20 years working as a management accountant in industry. He is a member of CIMA in the UK and a member of CGMA the global body for management accounting and sits on their local board and a B Leader.

He also runs eccountinc which is a forward focussed Business Advisory and Management Accountancy practice and B Leader service. eccountinc’s aim is to inspire businesses to manage their impact on society and the environment with as much vigour as they manage their profits.

Photo of Graham Gillen, B Leader at betternotstop.
Photo of Kate Clarke, Marketing Manager at The Better Business Network, betternotstop's sister brand.


Kate is a Chartered Marketer with 15 years’ experience working for in-house marketing teams for both start-ups and corporates. Kate has a mission to help more purpose-led businesses be visible and get their message out into the world.

Currently heading up the Better Business Network, Kate believes that collaboration is the only way for us to change the current global course we are on. To create opportunities for ideas to grow, connect with people with the same goals and to lift each other up.


Tom has more than a decade's worth of experience in marketing, having worked primarily within the music industry with a background that also includes work within the hospitality and retail sectors. He has previous worked as a freelance journalist, writing for The Guardian, the NME and many more. Alongside his work for betternotstop he runs a record label.

As betternotstop's Marketing & Communications Manager, Tom brings all of his expertise to assist our clients with how they communicate their sustainable vision, strategy and framework to the world.

Photo of Tom Hasson, Marketing And Communications Manager at betternotstop and The Better Business Network.


James has a marketing background with 15+ years of experience in the media industry. He's worked for and consulted with companies of all sizes, progressing to marketing director level for a FTSE 100 company, as well as small to medium-sized media companies / brands; managing marketing teams, developing online communities, creating content strategies and strengthening marketing data, technology and analytics.

Over the last 5 years, James transformed his career, setting up his own company (Adventure Uncovered), in parallel with independent marketing, sustainability consulting and freelancing with purpose-driven companies. He also completed the B Leaders programme in 2019.

Photo of James Wight, B Leader and part of the betternotstop marketing department.
Photo of Trey Suarez, marketing executive at betternotstop.


Trey is a graduate from the University of the West Indies, Mona with a BSc. Marketing and Management Studies. With an understanding that each company is different he possesses a genuine interest in tailoring creative and innovative solutions to tap into company potential.

With 3 years of experience in the creative arts and digital marketing industry, at betternotstop Trey brings all of his knowledge and expertise to assist in creating a unique and captivating digital presence.


Manya is qualified in animal management and is currently studying ecology to further her understanding of the interconnections of all life.

She has always been passionate about conservation and striving for a better planet and brings all of this knowledge and enthusiasm to her role as betternotstop's Sustainable Impact Officer; supporting our business clients through data driven research, strategy support and policy implementation.

Photo of Manya Waterhouse, Sustainability Impact Officer at betternotstop.